Lisa Knight Shares Her Writing Journey

We have author Lisa Knight sharing about writing. She has a new story out "All the Good Stuff" in the anthology by Gumnut Press "Paw Prints of Love".

I wrote ‘All the Good Stuff’ over several weeks last summer. It was super hot, and I spent many evenings with my laptop in one hand and a cool glass of wine in the other. Like all the stories I’ve ever written, I began knowing nothing. I never plan plots or map out ideas. The concept of knowing a title before starting is as foreign to me as writing in another language! I simply come up with a character’s name and begin typing. Ideas ebb and flow as the story starts to take shape, and the characters develop their own unique personalities.  

I love anthologies because the stories are all linked by a common theme. I was particularly drawn to Paw Prints of Love because of the town setting. Stonecrest Bay, with its beautiful beaches, friendly people and fabulous food is my kind of place.

Emma is a young woman who’s feeling a little lost in life. She loves to paint but can’t quite find her artistic groove, and is restless. After inheriting some money from her dad, she takes off on a road trip around Australia. An innocent stop for petrol changes everything, when a huge, dirty dog jumps into her car. Forced to drive to the nearest town of Stonecrest Bay, she seeks help from Dee at The Funny Bone.

It makes no sense for me to write a book without romance, so of course sparks fly when Emma meets grumpy town cop, Mark. She’s also a little surprised to find room in her heart for Chipper, the hitch-a-ride dog who can’t resist Stonecrest Bay’s delicious pastry treats. 
‘All the good stuff’ was such a pleasure to write. Edits? Not so much. Writing has always been my fun hobby. A source of relaxation and down time. But the editing process is a bit of a chore and, if I’m totally honest, leaves me feeling a little foolish. I mean, I read my manuscript thirty times over, how could I have missed all those mistakes?

But the beauty of an editor is having fresh eyes to challenge my writing. Asking me to think a little differently to give a scene more punch, and working together with the mutual purpose of creating something entertaining. I hope you enjoy reading Emma’s story. She has a bold zest for life and I’ve no doubt that she and Chipper will fit right in amongst the colourful characters of Stonecrest Bay.

Lisa Knight is a Canberra girl with too many celebrity boyfriends and a worrying addiction to coffee and chocolate. She’s been writing ‘happily ever after’ stories forever, and curling up with her laptop on a winter’s day is her idea of heaven. Romance is Lisa’s favourite genre, whether she’s reading, writing or watching. In real life she’s a social worker, birth doula, daughter, sister, wife, and mum of three teenage boys who are growing too fast and are all taller than her.

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Paw Prints of Love

Anthology Authors- Lisa Knight, Fiona Greene, Teena Raffa, Susan Dunn, Helen Walton, Leah Kinninmont, Jenny Lynch, Lisa Wolstenholme, Carolyn Wren and P.L. Harris.

Love can call on us in the most unusual places. In this fictional seaside town of Stonecrest Bay, love is on the horizon and the one place you’re sure to run into the unexpected is The Funny Bone, Dee Chambers’ dog grooming salon.

A solo-dad comes to Stonecrest Bay to start a new life with his young son. A four-legged pastry loving friend causes havoc in more ways than one. A house-sitter finds herself in a hair-raising chocolaty situation. A man bent on finding a replacement farm dog finds more than he planned at the town fair. A woman gets more than she bargained for when she comes face to face with her ex. A new resident arrives with hidden secrets. And a pro surfer finds unexpected romance.

From reignited high school crushes to unexpected birthday surprises, readers will be swept up in these stories of young love blossoming, heartache and healing, old lost loves rekindled, and of new hearts connecting in Stonecrest Bay where the unpredicted could stroll around the next corner. There’s a story for everyone in this light-hearted collection of sweet romantic stories reminding us that it’s all for the love of dogs.

Enjoy this collection of stories from ten different Australian authors set in the fictional seaside town of Stonecrest Bay.

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  1. That's why fresh eyes are the best. No one can catch all of their own mistakes.

    1. Hi Liz, totally right. Sounds like you know from experience.

  2. Thanks for sharing your journey. These sounds such cute stories. Congratulations on the release of this anthology.

  3. Thanks for the review! Take care, enjoy your day!

  4. Interesting! Stay safe and healthy everyone!

  5. It's fun reading all these interviews with the authors of this book. It sounds like a great collection.


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