Nina Singh Talks About Critique Groups & Giveaway!

This week we have author Nina Singh talking about Critique Groups. She has a new Christmas book out this month, Christmas with Her Secret Prince. And she a kindle copy giveaway for one commenter! 

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Critique Groups
Years ago, I worked for a fairly large corporation. There were lots of opportunities to run ideas by co-workers. Even stopping by the water cooler was an opportunity to chat with a colleague about the current work assignment or for some impromptu brainstorming. By contrast, being a writer is much more solitary. That took a while for me to get used to. I realized early on in my writing career that I was one of those authors who would benefit from finding a critique partner or writing group.
I was lucky. I managed to find a group of fellow writers who I credit as some of the most helpful and influential people as far as my writing is concerned. So, what are some ways to find a group or partner that will work for you? In my experience, there are a few factors to consider:
First of all, it’s important to take your time, particularly in the age of social media. One encounters so many people online. Take the time to figure out which fellow writers you may click with. I myself prefer a more local approach which allows for face to face meetings. But there are many opportunities to work with authors you may never actually meet in person.
Your critique group doesn’t necessarily have to include others who write in the same genre. My own group includes everything from women’s fiction to paranormal authors.
It is also important to consider your preferred method.  My group will often schedule a session simply to brainstorm. Other times, we look for feedback and comments on our respective WIPs. I know of others who read their work out loud to each other. Determine what will work for you and then try to find like minded authors.
Try to set a regular time to meet, whether in person or online. Nothing is as effective for steady progress as maintaining momentum. So often, our critique meetings serve as the incentive I need to be productive and meet my word count goal.
One word of caution – try to be mindful of influencing one another. The last thing a writer wants is for their voice to be tampered with by well meaning critique partners. And obviously, be respectful when offering your opinion.
Not everyone feels the need to be a member of a critique group. But if you’re one of those individuals who think you can benefit from one, you owe it to yourself to invest the time and effort it takes to find the group that works for you.

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